Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patty's Day

St. Patty's Day was not particularly festive for us. We spent all day at one hospital or another. We started the day and the Children's hospital so Avonelle could get some more lab work done. Avonelle is usually pretty good about getting blood drawn and clams easily,but she has been getting pretty dramatic lately so I was a little worried. The little boy in the next bed was wailing, and I thought that it might make her nervous, but she was fine. She didn't cry at all. Not even a wimpier. She did flinch when they stuck her but then sat there very patiently while they filled their vials and then wrapped her arm. I was proud of her but a little sad that she is so used to this kind of thing. They were kind of disappointed because they needed a urine sample as well and usually crying facilitates this. So I took her home and strapped her in her swing so she couldn't move and gave her lots of water to drink. Then we had to go to the down town hospital for occupational therapy which is all ways fun. Then home for a nap and when Avonelle woke up we headed back to the childrens hospital to drop off our specimen. After we were done we went to the cool play ground they have at the hospital. It was also a lot of fun except for the part where Avie got coffee spilled on her. It was luckily a cold so she wasn't hurt but her dress was all dirty that is why she is just wearing leggings in her picture. So the were no shamrock shaped pancakes or green eggs and ham, nor any corned beef and cabbage, but regardless of it lack of festifity it was a pretty good day.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Once there was a snowman!

It was on Avonelle's pajama top. I always liked these jammies so when we got our big snowfall we went out and got started. Building a snowman is so much harder to build than I remember. I guess it was easier when I was littler because I built them with my sisters. We would each roll a ball and get a parent to help us stack them and presto we were done. Avonelle and I were out there for and hour and I didn't even get the bottom finished. I went back out while Avonelle took a nap and got the rest of the balls rolling. But I made them to big to lift so I had to wait for Avonelle's dad to get home to help me assemble it. After that Avonelle and I decorated it. Here is the finished product.Here is a close up of my little snowman. She such a cutie.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birthday Party

So we finally had Avonelle's birthday party. Our friends the Ahlmers and the Birds Joined us for a pasta dinner and Brownies and ice-cream. Joe and I made Avonelle this little table for her birthday and this is where she and Madeline ate dinner.

I was the MC that night so I asked Ashley to video tape so that Joe could take pictures. Joe some how forgot to take a single picture of the party. Luckily Ashley came through for us.

Avonelle was not in the mood to open presents that night so we just opened her presents from her guests. She got a cute outfit from the Birds and a high chair for her baby doll from the Ahlmers. I had her open the rest of her presents the next day, which was just as well since I hadn't wrapped them until then.

She was very into the wrapping paper this year,

just not the way I thought she would be.
Over all she had a great birthday I think.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My baby is Two!

I guess I cant call her my baby any more but my little girl.

Avonelle is so big now. She is finally big enough for pigtails, and now she wears shoes everyday.

She started singing this year. She doesn't sing the words but she can sing several songs and she is always humming to herself. Unfortunately I can't get it on video. Every time I get out the video camera she stops. But trust me it's cute.

She is her mommy's sweetheart. And my snuggle buddy which I hope she never grows out of.

People often comment on the sense of peace Avonelle has about her, and it true she is such a sweet and wonderful little girl. But the thing I notice most about her is her sense of joy. She is the happiest person ever and brings such joy to my life. I love her with all my heart.

Happy Birthday Avonelle!